Stop Slacking!

  • No more slack hoses catching debris.
  • Trouble free delivery of concentrated fertilizer bands beside the planted row, behind the closing wheels.
  • Fertilizer tubing follows the hinge point of closing wheel frame for minimal tube disturbance.
  • Allows the splitting of high fertilizer rates, to both sides of the row.

Fertitubes now fit John Deere, Case – IH, Kinze and White Planters!

fertitubedemo  Case-IH


Your gas and brake lines aren’t hanging all overthe outside of your tractor.

So why are your fertilizer tubes hanging all over the outside of your planter?

You’ll wonder why fertilizer placement hasn’t always been done this way.

  • FERTITUBES are sleek, internal, and allow the tubing  to follow the hinge point of the closing wheel frame for minimal tube disturbance as the closing wheels pivot up and down.
  • FERTITUBES and their hardware are stainless steel and fit 1/4” OD poly tubing.  (Poly tubing not included)
  • FERTITUBES bolt directly to existing holes – no drilling required!
  • FERTITUBES are sold as left and right units. If mounting one tube per row, half of the  planter uses left units and half of the planter uses right units. Photo above shows two tubes per row.

$19.95 each!

1. Left John Deere Fertitube FT-101 $24.95
2. Right John Deere Fertitube FT-102 $24.95
3. 3/8 – 16 x 3/4 Stainless Steel Bolt FT-103 $0.89
4. 3/8 – 16 Stainless Steel Flange Lock Nut FT-104 $0.86
5. Left Kinze Fertitube FT-201 $24.95
6. Right Kinze Fertitube FT-202 $24.95
7. Left White Fertitube – 8000 Models FT-301 $24.95
8. Right White Fertitube – 8000 Models FT-302 $24.95
9. Plastic Hose Protector FT-303 $1.35
10. Left Case-IH Fertitube FT-401 $24.95
11. Right Case-IH Fertitube FT-402 $24.95
12. 1/2 – 13 x 1″ Stainless Steel Bolt FT-403 $1.17
13. 1/2 – 13 Stainless Steel Flange Lock Nut FT-404 $1.11
14. Left White Fertitube – 9000 Models FT-501 $24.95
15. Right White Fertitube – 9000 Models FT-502 $24.95



John Deer Fertitube Flyer (Download)
Fertitube Installation Manual for John Deere Planters (Download)

Kinze Fertitube Flyer (Download)
Fertitube Installation Manual for Kinze Planters (Download)

White Fertitube Flyer (Download)
Fertitube Installation Manual for White Planters (Download)

Case-IH Fertitube Flyer (Download)
Case-IH Instruction Manual (Download)