Roto Shoes (Roto Shoe)

CombineBeans – NOT Dirt!

Roto Shoes on John Deere 50 & 50A Series Row-Crop Heads have been proven to accomplish this, and much more in several years of field use, enabling users to combine around the clock under normal and adverse weather conditions. Unlike the old skidmounts, a Roto Shoe – with its rotating action – clean itself as it skims the soil, thus avoiding mud and dirt build-up. The end result is a virtual plugfree bean harvest with far less soil being channeled into the row-crop head, minimizing combine wear and tear. So relax with Roto Shoes, confident that your row-crop head is working properly.

$224.95/Row Part# RS-100 (Includes 2 shoes per row)

1. Nut RS-108 $0.63
2. Bracket RS-109 $30.95
3. Hub RS-105 $6.69
4L. Scraper Left RS-110-L $14.07
4R. Scraper Right RS-110-R $14.07
5. Bearing RS-103 $17.50
6. Bolt RS-102 $8.68
7. Spacer RS-104 $2.45
8. Blade RS-101 $47.50
9. Rivets (6 per blade/12 per row) RS-106 $0.42
Disc Assembly (Items 1,3,5,6,7,8,9) RS-200 $76.75
Roto Shoe Assembly (2 units per row) RS-100 $224.95